a Renting Colombo Properties to Expat Tenants. Best Rentals in the Shortest Time


Renting out your property can be a daunting prospect. But with extensive brokerage experience and a strong reputation with both landlords and tenants alike, British Brokers is your ideal real estate partner.

Comprehensive database

We have a comprehensive database of prospective tenants, mostly expats, who are looking for everything from one-bed apartments to luxury houses and everything in between.

Reliable tenants

British Brokers has close ties to all the major companies, embassies and high commissions working in Sri Lanka. For this reason, we are able to show your property to reliable and well-established tenants.

Professional negotiators

You want to rent your property for the best possible price, in the shortest possible time. We pride ourselves in achieving this goal. Our aim is always to reach a fair deal, ensuring that both parties are happy with the result.

Predictable rental income

As we specialise in long-term rentals, you will have the security of predictable rental income over a substantial period of time, without the worry of having to continually find a new tenant.

Legal services

If landlords do not have their own draft lease agreement, we can provide standard documentation and/or arrange for one to be drafted and have any questions answered by our legal partners.

Interior design and furniture-making

British Brokers recognises the need of many landlords to furnish their properties to a high standard, making it more attractive to potential tenants and helping to maximize the return on investment.

We partner with some of the best interior designers and furniture manufacturers in Sri Lanka. You can see some of their work in our slide show. Offering highly competitive prices and cutting edge design we can meet your requirements, be it an order for an individual item of furniture or fully furnishing an empty property.

Preparation for rental

When a tenancy has come to an end, it is usually a good idea to re-paint or touch-up your property. A thorough clean is also essential to attracting the best tenants.

We work with preferred contractors who are experts in making your property look the best it can be.

We won’t just put your property on the market, we’ll rent it.